Three Issues Memory Foam Mattress Shoppers Do Well to Consider

Whereas mattresses based on coil spring construction were once the default choice, most shoppers today incline toward those made from memory foam. Memory foam mattresses tend to offer an excellent blend of performance and value, making them an understandably easy choice for the average buyer. As a look at this website will make clear, there are also good ways of avoiding the pitfalls most common to this type of mattress.

An Excellent Way to Construct a Mattress but Not Entirely Without Downsides

Memory foam layered atop a thicker layer of stiffer, more supportive material can make for a terrific mattress. On the other hand, this approach to mattress construction can also result in problems if enough care is not taken. Mattress shoppers who are exploring their memory foam-based options will do well to consider factors such as:

  • Edge support. Mattresses that are made from wrapped coil springs typically offer the same level of support from one side to the other. By default, memory foam mattresses tend to be more supportive toward the center, with all of the surrounding material absorbing some of the weight placed upon them. With some mattresses, this can mean that sitting on the edge will be almost impossible, as not enough support will be available. On the other hand, some memory foam designs minimize the impact of this common issue.
  • Breathability. Even though it is inherently porous, memory foam does not always do a great job of allowing air to flow around it freely. One common reason for this is that foam can conform so closely to the contours of the body that no open space remains for the circulation of air. Once again, however, manufacturers have ways of combating this problem, and it will almost always be productive to look at how particular mattresses perform in this respect.
  • Durability. Spending many hundreds of dollars or more on a mattress can easily pay off, but not if the purchase gives out overly soon. Most shoppers will want to include mattress durability in their calculations.

Making a More Informed Memory Foam Mattress Purchase

For shoppers who simply assess considerations such as these, ensuring a satisfying memory foam mattress purchase becomes a lot easier. That can lead to many years of pleasant, restful sleep.