How Does a Bail Bond Work?

Bail bonds might be a subject of interest if a person or perhaps, someone they know runs into trouble with law. Posting a bail is the only way for a person who gets arrested to get out of prison until their court date. The bond is basically the sum of cash posted used as a guarantee that the accused will show up in front of the jury and the judge on their court trials.

Typically, the amount of cash is more than what the average person has on hand and because of this, several bail bondsmen are taking over to cover the cost of fee. Following are some of the frequently asked questions about this subject or service.

Question number 1. How much is the fee – as a matter of fact, the fee for bail bond differs from the company that you are talking to but the charges to post bail is oftentimes 10 to 15 percent of the full amount.

Question number 2. How does an individual find a company – actually, there are a number of ways that can assist a person to find companies that are capable of posting bail on their end. One of the best sources that you can use are the internet and the yellow pages which can certainly give you adequate number of businesses that does offer this service. Truth is, many of these businesses are even open 24/7.

Question number 3. Are there benefits to this kind of practice – for the person being accused of a crime, this time out of jail will help them to keep working and generate the income they needed. Apart from that, this time out of jail can be used in locating a competent lawyer who can defend them and plan how to win their case. The company puts up interests on the base amount of the loaned cash from the clients, which is their primary method of generating profits.

Question number 4. Will this be useful with overcrowded jails – these days, jails become so crowded that a lot of the locales turned into tents to house inmates. In reality, this is causing a big dent on the taxpayers money by feeding, housing and clothing incarcerated inmates. If for instance that the person is not proven guilty yet, then what is the reason to lock them up? Doing instant imprisonment only contributes to the problem rather than solving it which can additionally cause trauma to the accused and their family.

Question number 5. Is the fee refundable – fees that are charged by bailbond agents are non refundable no matter if the person is guilty or not.

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