A wreck is often a terrifying experience, and no matter how big or how small the damage may be it is crucial to follow a few guidelines to help stave off issues with future insurance claims. One of the priorities is to call 911 and seek the help of medical and law enforcement personnel, as they will ensure the scene is safe and that anyone who requires medical attention receives it. Be sure to consider the following items and take action if any of these situations are suspected.

Uninsured Motorists

Despite there being laws that require the driver of a vehicle to have minimum liability coverage, some people still choose to operate a car without it. If another person involved in a collision dodges questions about their coverage, fails to present a valid insurance card, or only has access to expired ID cards, it could be an indicator that they don’t have the necessary coverage. Wait for police officers to arrive and let them address this situation to help prevent a confrontation.

Belligerent Drivers

Some drivers will be extremely aggressive immediately following an accident, usually to defend themselves and prove their innocence. It is unsafe to approach a person in this type of situation, and it is a good idea to remain in the vehicle until law enforcement arrives as long as doing so does not pose a safety hazard. A police officer will examine the scene and take statements from both sides before determining if a driver is at fault.

Alcohol Use

Driving after consuming alcohol is not only illegal but risky and threatens the safety of others on the road. If a person suspects that another driver is under the influence, do not approach them or confront them. It may cause them to escalate and make the situation unsafe, and is a situation that should only be handled by law enforcement personnel.

Though it is impossible to prevent a collision, there are several steps a driver should take to help reduce liability and ensure any needed repairs are completed as promptly as possible. Be sure to check out BenzInsider for more info and learn more about ways to stay safe on the road and after a wreck.

The Most Important Things To Consider After A Collision