Why Use Mouth Swab Drug Tests

Employers want their employees to always be in a good physical and mental condition when performing their jobs. This will ensure that they are efficient and productive during their stay in the workplace. But, there will always be employees who take illegal drugs before or even while they are working and it hinders their efficiency and productivity. And this is the reason why employers do drug testing in the workplace. With drug testing, employers will now if their employees are free from drugs or not during their work hours.

While there are many methods for drug testing, using the mouth swab drug test will give you an easier time. Using the mouth swab testing method will ensure that your test results will come in minutes. Below are reasons why you should use the mouth swab drug test for your employees

One of the good reasons for using mouth swab drug testing is that it is easy to administer. It has an easy process of collecting saliva specimens using a mouth swab. Test strips are then used to check if the saliva specimen contains drug residue by the chemical reaction that follows upon contact with the saliva. This reaction indicates trace chemicals or illegal drugs present in the saliva. It only take a few minutes to administer the test and then results will be seen at once.

Furthermore, mouth swab drug tests do not require bathrooms. If you use urine drug testing, then you will need many accessories to conduct it properly including a bathroom. You will need bluing tablets, urine collection cups, adulterant strips, and other accessories like lab transport bottles and urine controls. With saliva drug testing you don’t have to let your employees go to the bathroom.

It also save time. In urine testing employees sometimes are not able to give their samples because of dry bladder issues. You have to wait for the time that they are able to. This does not happen with mouth swab drug testing. Mouth swab drug testing can be done any time and anywhere, even just in your office. If you business is a field business, then mouth swab drug testing is perfect. Mouth swab testing is also not messy like urine testing.

The method of mouth swap drug testing is very simple compared to urine testing. Urine test is quite complicated because you need to set up your equipment for running the test which takes time. There is no time wasted in mouth swab testing because you only need the mouth swab and the test device.

To ensure the absence of substance use in the workplace, then using the mouth swab drug test is the best way to ensure this.

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