Places to Visit When Going For the Vietnam Adventure Tour

With several scenic sites and historical monuments in Vietnam, it is one of the best places to visit during your vacation. Apart from traveling across the different sections, you’ll have a lifetime opportunity to interact with the Vietnamese social people and know more about the daily lives. Here are some of the places that you can visit when you are planning to visit Vietnam for two week period.

Vietnam has had its share of history, and it is vital that you take your time to visit the former capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. The right areas to visit include the Notre Dame cathedral and reunification palace to know more about the former capital. You’ll get to get more insights into the area because it is where the war ended in 1975 after the fall of Saigon.

To have the adventure such as cruising along the river, it is vital that you create time for the Mekong Delta. You will only feel the taste of Vietnam life when you are together with the locals enjoying the night around the city.

Travelling overnight to Nha Trang via train from Mekong Delta can ensure that you see most of the scenic views and get to enjoy the sandy beaches. You can visit the different islands around the Nha Trang or even spend your time in the local markets which are located near cham towers to know the goodies to carry home. The Hon Tre is one of the islands with the best sceneries such as the Waterpark and he Vinpearl Amusement and you can create time to visit it.

You should allocate time to visit the famous Hoi An on the coast which is an ancient trading port to enjoy the scenes which have been there for decades. You will get to sample out the small streets of the Hoi An and other sites w such as the Hung old house located near the Japanese covered bridge. You should choose the right type of bicycle which you can you can use to travel around the countryside.

Every traveler in Vietnam wants to experience the ocean Van pass, and that can be made possible when going to Hue and you should also make a short stop in China beach. Hue has been rated as one of the world sites because of the availability of the several monuments.

Having an overnight ticket provides that you cross Hanoi which is the Vietnamese capital. The presence of the different shops that sells a variety of goods ensures that you have something that you can show off to your friends at home. Trying out the lifestyle of the city residents ensure that you get the best experience.

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